SBZ Associates is a subsidiary and the consulting arm of Taaleem Foundation ( and is also separately registered under Section 58(1) of Partnership Act – 1932 at Islamabad; vide ICT/RF/6453 of 2004, dated 9th July 2004.

‘SBZ Associates’ is a consulting firm, specializing in development sector, with its head-office in Islamabad – Pakistan.

SBZ has extensive operational presence across Pakistan, having successfully completed assignments in all provinces of Pakistan. With 12 years of extensive experience in the development sector, SBZ has successfully leveraged its local understanding of the cultural, social, political and economic situations. Through its extended outlet SBZtech, a registered entity in Switzerland, it has strong presence in Europe and the Middle East.

SBZ through its large network of on-the-ground professionals in development sector, including education, training, disaster risk management, sustainable development and public health experts with global knowledge is rightly placed in a unique position to deliver global standards. SBZ manages an expanding database of over 300 development professionals, who have specialist technical skills, especially with respect to corporate governance, sustainable development, disaster risk management, education, training, technology and public health.

SBZ’s diverse experience, expertise and demonstrative project management experience with the cross-sectoral intellectuals and advisory resources makes it one of the leading consultant firms.

With a flair for technology and keenness to deliver, SBZ is committed to help communities through innovation, creativity and a human touch. We firmly believe that technology is the tool, originality is the brand name and managing change through dialogue, awareness, knowledge sharing and education is the way to success.

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