Socio-Techno Associates

"SocioTechno Associates is a consortium of experienced professionals, non-governmental organizations, corporate entities, commerce & trade bodies, international organizations, academic institutions, think tanks, IT companies and technology houses". Its constituent organizations include Taaleem Foundation (, PhoneCast (, TeleCare ( and Development Alternatives. Details available at:

SocioTechno Associates has undertaken many a projects delivering social development through imparting quality education with technological interface. It has rolled out e-learning, e-education, e-health, Tele-medicine and e-skills platforms in various parts of the country through its constituent organizations.

Socio-Techno Associates is geared up to engineer social change.

SocioTechno Associates is registered by the Registrar of Firms Islamabad under Section 58(1) of the partnership Act of 1932; vide RF/ICT/10788 of 2013 dated 01 August 2013.

We bring the technology and its applications at the doorsteps of communities to serve the humanity. We bridge the knowledge gap in society, by way of offering global content to be delivered in local environments. We educate, we care for health, we train and we groom the human resource with predetermined goals in life through a well-designed implementation mechanism for achieving well-defined deliverables. We harness the humanity with productive skills to excel in socio-economic and human attainments. We empower youth and women to play an effective role in leading the society towards a glorious future. We build capacities and strengthen the institutions towards improved service delivery. We deploy technology at the service of humanity. In short, we engineer social change. See more at: